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As a small specialized practice, we focus on client satisfaction. Our philosophy is that we need to provide each client with the best customer service possible. This is done by assuring ever client that their matter is of utmost importance to our office. We regularly ensure that all clients are up-to-date on their matters. We also provide each client with a number so they can reach their lawyer directly should they have any questions or concerns.

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Joint Title with Children

Joint Title between spouses is a good way to avoid probate fees between spouses.

However, Joint Title with your kids is not always a good idea for the following reasons:

1. You lose control of the property.   Your children will have to consent to any sale and if they want the property for themselves, you have a court battle ahead of you.

2. Your children's creditors can claim the property and register a Judgment against it.

3. Your children's ex-spouse can claim half of your child's share of the property...


Pre-Nuptial Agreements

I was signing a seperation agreement with a client today.   The client has to pay a fair amount of cash to the ex-spouse to keep the family home.   The client was not happy.

I advised that in the future a Pre-Nuptial Agreement should be signed before marriage and even before a boyfriend/girlfriend moves in.   The world may have changed, but the law has not.   When living together, you get a two year grace period but then you are treated the same as a married couple...


Free Initial Consultation

People often need legal advice but are worried that a lawyer will charge them even if they don't have a case.

Our firm offers a free 20 minute initial consultation so you don't have to worry.   If our services aren't required, or you decide not to hire us, we don't charge you.

Also, if your lawyer is no longer practicing, call us for a free consultation.

I find that callers are often stressed out at the beginning of the consultation, but once they have discussed their case with me, their stress levels have decreased significantly...


Grandparent's Access Rights

Topics: Family Law

Grandparents often think they have an inherent right to see their grandchildren.   They do not.


In a recent decision of the Court of Queen's Bench, the Court held that even though the Grandmother had resided next door to her grandchildren for four years and saw them frequently, the parents were allowed to move away and cut off all contact with the Grandmother.


Access rights flow throw the child's parent, unless the parent is not available, or unless the child actually physically resides with the grandparent...


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