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As a small specialized practice, we focus on client satisfaction. Our philosophy is that we need to provide each client with the best customer service possible. This is done by assuring ever client that their matter is of utmost importance to our office. We regularly ensure that all clients are up-to-date on their matters. We also provide each client with a number so they can reach their lawyer directly should they have any questions or concerns.

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Builder's Liens

Topics: General

I just had a happy client with a builder's lien issue.   With respect to builder's liens, I have acted for building owners, general contractors, and sub contractors.  

Construction can be a dirty business.   If you are a general contractor, and the building owner suddenly decides he doesn't want to pay you $50,000.00, then not only are you not getting paid, neither are your sub contractors.   $50,000 is a lot of money.

The advice I give out depends on whether you are a building owner, or a contractor...


MEO - Maintenance Enforcement Office

Topics: Family Law

The Maintenance Enforcement Office is set up to collect support payments.   It is a government office and is part of the Ministry of Justice.

It is important to note that MEO collects only support orders.   If you get costs order after a custody and access dispute, MEO will not act on your behalf.

Your lawyer can collect support payments on your behalf, but you have to pay your lawyer.   MEO acts for free and has more enforcement power than an lawyer, but the service is not as good...


Joint Title with Children

Joint Title between spouses is a good way to avoid probate fees between spouses.

However, Joint Title with your kids is not always a good idea for the following reasons:

1. You lose control of the property.   Your children will have to consent to any sale and if they want the property for themselves, you have a court battle ahead of you.

2. Your children's creditors can claim the property and register a Judgment against it.

3. Your children's ex-spouse can claim half of your child's share of the property...


Pre-Nuptial Agreements

I was signing a seperation agreement with a client today.   The client has to pay a fair amount of cash to the ex-spouse to keep the family home.   The client was not happy.

I advised that in the future a Pre-Nuptial Agreement should be signed before marriage and even before a boyfriend/girlfriend moves in.   The world may have changed, but the law has not.   When living together, you get a two year grace period but then you are treated the same as a married couple...


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