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Purchasing a new home can be one of the most stressful events on a persons life. Our office specializes in assisting clients complete their purchase with no stress.

Over the past 16 years we have assisted hundreds of clients with their purchase.

Selling can also be a stressful time. Clients often worry about giving up the "keys" to their house and losing posession. We help clients to understand how a closing takes place so that they can relax as they conclude their sale.



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What doe we do for you on your purchase?

-Review of Offer to Purchase.

-Communicate with your realtor to ensure a smooth transaction and possession.

-Communication with your Mortgage Professional to ensure all is in order with your bank.

-Communication with your bank, to monitor status and ensure timely funding.

-In addition, we provide a review of your numbers, to ensure you are aware of all costs associated with completing the purchase of your home.

-Advise the other solicitor of designation.

-We ensure you understand the clauses in your mortgage.

-Review property tax information to ensure payment, Sign up for TIPPS if applicable.

-Review transfer.

-Review Surveyor’s Certificate for deficiencies in title and for currency.

-Determine whether Title Insurance is required order Title Insurance, if applicable.

-Attend to you at your convenience and preferred location for signing of the mortgage and other documentation.

-Communicate with solicitor for vendor

to ensure timely receipt of the transfer.

-Advise City of Change of Ownership.

-Review all documents from vendors’ solicitor.

-Preparation of, and submission of the package to Information Services Corporation (Land Titles).

-Review the Saskatchewan Writ Registry to ensure no surprises arise during registration.

-Review land Titles output to ensure accuracy of both your name, and the banks interest.

-Request funds from your bank.

-Pay for your house, ensuring that in the end the Vendors lawyer takes care of all the registrations on title that are not acceptable to you and your bank.

-Prepare a report to you to demonstrate where your money has gone.

-Prepare a report to your bank, showing them that their interests are protected.

-Ensure the Vendor’s mortgage is discharged in a timely manner.

-Send a follow up title to you once the vendors’ mortgage is discharged.

-Ensure you have full access to a lawyer who can answer all your questions pertaining to the purchase.